Wednesday, September 13, 2006

NCL Event info

While we wait for info, you can check out a brand new Rayman Raving Rabbids trailer, and info on Activision's Wii launch titles

Looks like the conference doesn't really start until 1 a.m. EST. Now we get to do what Nintendo fans do best, more waiting!

First off, what is this article all about? Wii for $250 on Nov 19th in the US? Linked from Joystiq. Thanks to the guys who sent this in! Not confirmed, but it is the NY Times.

*UPDATE 2* Heres another link for you guys to check out, a Famitsu blog with pics

*UPDATE 3* - IGN posts on NY Times article

*UPDATE 4* - VC prices: Famicom 500 yen, Super Famicom 800 yen, Nintendo 64 1000 yen

*Update 5* -
1:38 a.m. EST [update 7]: Famitsu reports 30 Nintendo games and 30 PC Engine/Megadrive (Turbo-Grafx/Genesis) games before end of year. Ten new virtual console games every month! (joystiq)

*UPDATE 6* - NY Times article has been pulled off the web

1:55 p.m. [update 8]: And the other shoe drops. Famitsu is reporting a December 2 launch and 25,000 yen price for Japan.

*UPDATE 8* - Nintendo will be posting a Japanese press release momentarily and will have full text of Iwata's speech in about an hour. Also, will go live in Japan in about an hour

Japanese press release

*Update 9* Gemaga reports 3,800 yen cost for the remote, 1800 yen for the classic controller, and 1800 yen for the nunchuck attachment.

*UPDATE 10* 2:13 a.m. EST [update 12]: Famitsu reports 16 titles from ten publishers at launch. Cost of games: 4,800 yen to 6,800 yen. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will cost 6,800 yen.

2:16 a.m. EST [update 13]: Gemaga reports Wii Sports will not be a pack-in game, but will cost 4,800 yen and include five sports games.

*Update 11* - Nintendo launch titles: UNCONFIRMED
WiiSports 4800
Odoru! Made in Wario 5800 (Odoru = dance)
Pokemon: Battle Revolution

The main part of the conference is over, product demos are going on. That is about it for info...some more little bits might trickle in. I will be here for another hour and a half, and then I am off to NYC to cover the US event!

Wii preview movie, click here

Huge list of Wii titles, some including dates

Japanese version of has tons of videos, go hunt now! (the US version) has been updated with a link to the Japanese site. The US version is setup for more updates to come...most likely after the US conference today.

Virtual Console vid Make sure to scan through all the page numbers that pop up on this page for more videos!

Look at what the press got! I can't confirm if they are real or not, I say not.

Virtual Console baby!

Thats it for the blogger now, I will start it up again tomorrow for the US event. You can head back to regular GoNintendo!


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Cool! Nov. 19 is my B-Day!

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